Where have we been…..

18 09 2011

On the island…..

Lake Josephine

Learning to fish….

Doesn't this look most peaceful?

Doesn't this look most peaceful?

And on another island for Labor Day weekend – the weather was divine for these parts…..

One of the stops on the Gallery Tour - Lopez Island

One of the stops on the Gallery Tour - Lopez Island

And finally, I think this is one of the sweetest photos ever..she is watching over him and he is pointing at something – maybe a kite or airplane

Big Sis watching out for little Bro

Big Sis watching out for little Bro

Anyway – this is the short story of what we’ve been up to.  I have been sewing a little, I’ll get some photos up soon AND we are making a huge change the color of our house – from Purple to Red, stay tuned there will definitely be some photos of the finished product.

Much love,



6 03 2011

I continue to be far away from updating this space *sigh*.  Hopefully once the auction quilts are complete I’ll have more time to focus on this space.  I only have 1/2 the penguin quilt to bind and the full wetlands quilt to bind….I am hoping to finish today so they can be hung in the school for a week prior to the auction.  Pictures will be soon enough, I’m having a hard time getting good photos.

A lovely lady in the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild had a little one last Tuesday, we’ve been working on a tree block quilt, here is my contribution:

Have a wonderful week!

Quilts…for the auction

21 02 2011

I have finished the front and back of the second grade quilt for the upcoming auction at school.  Each block is 15″ finished, since I had some penguins in each landscape and portrait orientation I had to figure out integrate them together – not too hard but I am mathematically challenged so it took longer than it should :).

Penguins 45" x 60"

A friend is quilting it for us on her mid-arm!  How lucky are we?  I’m going to go to her house in 2 weeks to quilt the 1st grade and kindergarten quilts on her HQ16. I expect each quilt to take a couple of hours vs. trying to wrestle them through my sewing machine.

Whew!  Two more to go….


12 02 2011

It is a windy, rainy day here in the pacific northwest.

Pt. Robinson, Vashon Island

We walked along…or rather were pushed by the wind down the beach to this lovely Lighthouse.  My mom loves lighthouses and I think I get that from her.  I think they are pretty cool, someday I’ll vacation in one. At this Pt. Robinson you can rent the keeper’s quarters.  Might make a good place for a quilt retreat.

Pt. Robinson Lighthouse

I’ll have some auction quilt updates tomorrow.  They are coming along s.l.o.w.l.y. but they are coming along – 3 weeks to go to finish.


Where did we go?

22 01 2011

Oh,who knows….Its been busy and I’ve not admitted out loud to the world that I went back to work in December.  Its all good but I will say work is over-rated and it cuts in on your sewing time!  Not to mention your time with your kids, your family, your pets, your friends.

But we are managing quite nicely, actually its been a pretty easy transition on all of us.

I have been sewing – albeit not as much but I have 3 children’s auction quilts and another I was hoping to create for the auction.  They are all under-way….1 fish print, 1 wetlands, 1 penguin and 1 wonky star quilt.  Not one single quilt top is made!  EEK, stop writing and get to sewing.

Fish Print for kindergarten quilt

stacks and stacks of star points...

I won’t be gone so long next time…I promise.


Merry Christmas

24 12 2010

::I did it!::

1 12 2010

….made a pillow with an invisible zipper.  Seriously, not just a zipper but one you can barely see.  Wanna know what I did wrong?  I sewed the zipper closed on my first try – smart, eh….but I figured it out pretty quick.

Invisible zipper


This is for under the little dudes’s loft bed – for the  ‘fort’ they build under  there.  I’m not sure exactly what goes on down there but usually there are quiet voices and laughing so I don’t go spying on them too much.

I have several more to make…but now that I’ve cleared the first hurdle I’m on my way.  YEAH!

The details:  A wonky star center, surrounded by a log cabin, the backed in a faux bois.

A sunny day in Seattle