Cats and rats…..

29 04 2010

I am often amazed that by living in an urban area how many ‘country’ things seem to happen.  Some would say (not me) that cats are only good for barns.  You’ve met the dogs, well we have a cat named Coco and she is an awesome mouser (‘ratter’, really).

Yesterday, we left to take the big girl to school, stopped at Trader Joe’s then returned home laden with bags of dog biscuits and greek yogurt.  All seemingly normal stuff, right?

Killer cat

As we walked up the steps and opened the gate…there was giant dead RAT in the middle of the walkway. Years ago there used to be McDonald’s close by, when they tore that down Bowser (our last cat) used to prowl the neighborhood and bring home creatures, recently our neighbor cleaned his basement and sold his house and we had another influx of the rodent population that Coco took care of.

I will admit to being surprised that between 9:00am and 10:00am that cat chased, killed and placed a rat on our path. I wish I video’d the whole thing. This is to say what really goes on when mom’s away????

Coco is funny – we call her ‘spicy’ because well, she is.  She wants love then will bite you – she’ll lay next to you but take a swat at you.  We say she has a lot of ‘dog’ in her, she’s no “sweet little old lady cat” thats for sure.  But what is funny is she will not stand up to Bella – no way, no how…just mean hissing noises and catter-walling.

Since she hasn’t really warmed up to Bella I’ve been worried that she’s ultimately not happy – but I think she’s happy.  She has redefined her role and social order in this house.  Her job is ‘rat killer’ – who knew in the big city you’d need a family member with such a title.



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