I’m so three…

5 05 2010

Why is it that 3 year olds are so predictable?

sparkly eyes

Every mother (and father) knows the sound of trouble – as in there is no sound whatsoever.  It’s that it’s so damn quiet I can hear a pin drop panic…whataremychildrendoing’ as you run through the house calling them.  Well for me the ‘gotcha mom’ was a nice little trim of the bangs and as I came running into the room he held up his hand full of beautiful blond hair and said “ook I ut my air”.

My fearless husband and I couldn’t decide if his sister was 3 or 4 when she once did the same thing.  But the fact is she did at some point.  I’ll have to ask my mom if I cut my hair when I was a baby.

One of the most amazing and exasperating experiences of parenting is all the ‘firsts’ – so this haircut was my exasperation from last week and my amazement was watching this same little urchin flying his first kite.  April ended with a bluster and I put together a Spiderman kite and off we went to Gas Works Park to take in some fresh air.  Its a toss between what made it so great for Aidan:  the kite itself because Spiderman was on it, the actual kite flying, or that the sun came out and we were at the park.

I love that he looks like he’s about to lift off the ground.  It was a lovely ‘first’ – the kind that restores your faith in your parenting abilities.



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