General Craftiness….

21 06 2010

I last mentioned that I had been recently been crafty…  We had our Seattle Modern Quilting Guild “sew-in” meeting last Saturday and we made ‘wonky star’ blocks for a lovely girl in our guild that has just had her 2nd daughter.

My first Wonky Star block

I will admit that until I got 1/2 way ’round the block in the middle I was quite ‘corn-fused’ and feeling like I wasn’t going to get it BUT…it is a really easy and fast block to make.  I think if you did a whole bunch in yellows/oranges/reds you could call it a ‘wonky sunshine’.

All the stars made....

This past weekend was the Fremont Solstice parade.  For those of you who’ve heard us talk about it in the past, its most notable attraction is the naked bike riders!  Again a very overcast and cool day.  Lets just say that it would take a lot to get me riding bike NAKED through a parade of people on a sunny day much less on a day where all the spectators are wearing fleece.  Every year they have a wonderful art poster that is created for the event – this year the poster had penguins on it, needless to say I bought tie-dye penguin shirts for the kids and penguin shirt for me and I spared Martin all the penguin silliness but brought him this picture hoping he might become inspired.

Penguin Man

And one last parting rider…notice all the people wearing coats!


Speaking of sunshine – or lack there of…It is a whopping 57 degrees here today on the 1st day of summer.  Oh how I long for the carolina sunshine and whopper of a thunderstorm to roll in.  Just a few more days and we’ll be enjoying all that plus hot sand under our toes.

And finally a parting shot of my baby girl and I having some fun.

Baby girl and I on the big slide



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