Seven, Seven, Seven….

2 08 2010

Oh to be seven again.  I don’t have any memories of my 7th birthday, gotta ask my mom about it.  We had a good day – the anticipation of leading up to the birthday party was making my lovely go out of her skin and by 3:00pm I was almost out of my skin too….BUT we did have a great day in spite of it.

Party balloons!

We kept it pretty minimal this year, Just a couple (3) of friends and two of them brought their little brothers.  I have now done the “invite the entire pre-school to your house” – Holy Crap, that was chaos (5th birthday), then we did the “let’s do it all off-site” – Pony Farm for her 6th, pretty easy but it was far away. And this year 3 friends and their little brothers: take home pizza, ice cream cake and a movie.  I think we have a WINNER – I really mean “Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner”.  It was mostly low stress, easy peasy.  The only stress was getting all the fur vacumned up and the floors mopped.

She L.O.V.E.S. her new purple bike with gears and hand brakes.

I’m headed to Portland later this week to do some research and then we are all attending a wedding on Mt. Hood.  Enjoy your week.



One response

3 08 2010
suddenly sahm

Noelle, I am loving your blog! Great photos and the wonky star block is awesome!

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