Grey and Gold

21 08 2010

A friend (who I don’t think knows about this blog) recently got married.  The wedding was lovely – on Mt. Hood in Oregon.

We took a lovely drive home through Hood River – where all the windsurfers and kite boarders do their cool tricks.

Anyway, I am almost done with their wedding quilt.  So the back story is this…I only just started quilting last fall and this wedding quilt is my 4th quilt to start and with any luck my first to finish!  Lucky Brian and Kim.  I knew I wouldn’t have a ton of time to make it so I went real simple – a gold zig zag with grey chambray.  The gold really stands out against the grey.  The inspiration came directly from Kim and Brian’s wedding invitation.  When I finish the quilt I’ll post photos of the invite and the quilt and you can see paper translated as quilt.  I have about 60% of the quilting done and then need to do the binding.  The picture below is of basting the quilt.

Enjoy your weekend.  Talk to you soon.  n.



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