30 08 2010

It has been an odd summer here, delightful for a couple days, really hot for a couple more, then rainy and cold.  Tomorrow we are expecting a cold, wet day that makes you think fall is just around the corner.

Anyway….a couple of weeks ago we had a lovely weekend at the cabin and I didn’t get the chance to post a picture of Martin swimming in the sound – the h20 temp is about 58!!!  EEK, we are not on the East Coast anymore.  He didn’t stay in long and Bella swam out to ‘rescue’ him.  She is such a newf!

Martin being rescued by Bella

The other thing that has been consuming a lot of our time is building a new gate.  Martin and I had originally decided to buy ourselves a gate from a fancy iron worker for our anniversary (way back in May!). But with my continued unemployment and the cost of a custom designed gate we decided to build one ourselves. I checked out lots of books from the library, drove around peering into people’s yards and generally expended t a lot of mental energy just to get to an ‘idea’.  Since Martin is a well known plumber we went with copper – this is the gate before soldering and hanging.

We have a few more things to do before I can show the final photos.  It has been hung and it is doing a great job of keeping BELLA in – we needed a new gate because she figured out how to escape by pushing her ginormous head until the gate opened enough to let herself out!  She was scaring all the joggers and people on their way to Greenlake (it should be noted that Jake would never do such a thing).  I need to add the decorative elements in the squares/rectangles that we built into the design.  I’ve picked out several pieces from  my  favorite glass recyler.  As soon as I get them wired in I’ll post a finished photo.



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