16 09 2010

I finished my gray and gold quilt.  I talked about it here.  The wedding invitation was my inspiration, it is very graphic and bold and gray and gold (no, I did not intend to rhyme).

The inspiration - their invitation

My process in quick steps:

– Why don’t I make a quilt for them?  I’ve never finished a quilt before but lets send these 2 off on their new life together with a handmade item from me.  They can always use it as a camping blanket (they are avid campers).

– I don’t have a good stash of yellow fabric – must go see Katie

– Cut fabric, make HSTs, sew them together, add gray top and bottom.  (this is as far as I’ve ever gotten in previous projects)

– Attend the wedding (without a gift – eek!)

– Research what type of batting to use

– Clean a space to make my quilt sandwhich

– Go see Katie again, borrow pins to ‘pin baste’ it together

– Decide how I want to quilt it.  Make sample pieces on my machine, learn how to install and use the walking foot!  First couple times I didn’t install it correctly – it worked but it made a loud noise, I knew something was wrong.

– Start quilting on my machine.  Learn how to roll quilt so it fits in the ‘arm’ of the sewing machine.

– Research how to make binding.  Go see Katie again…the pictures of mitered corners don’t seem to work for me, I can’t get it.  This is a great tutorial despite my inability to get those corners down without a hands on demo.

– Machine sew on the first side of the binding.

– Hand stitch the second side of the binding.

– Wash and dry the quilt

– Go back and catch a couple spots where I missed a stitch (or two or three!)

– Invite the lovely bride and groom to dinner and give them their wedding present.  I’m pretty sure they liked it.

Anna Maria Horner Flannel back - Luscious!

I used pale yellows through golds to accomplish my zig zag.

Its so nice and crinkly after it was washed

Now I want to make them in every color!  Considering this one took me about 2 1/2 months from start to finish, I better figure out how to stop cleaning my house and feeding my family then I can get to making tons of these.  Its very simple and graphic – seemingly fast to make and a great idea for someone who has a specific color palette in mind.

What color would you like?



3 responses

20 09 2010

I love this quilt … esp the colour combo !!
Came from flickr after seeing that beautiful grey HST quilt …. I think I might steal that one !!

10 10 2010
Sew Katie Did

I want to make a ton of this one! Soon…soon.

4 11 2010
Carol Key

I will take one in bronze-gold and deep red please.

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