Holy Purple-ness

4 11 2010

Some of you know my affinity for purple (live in purple house, purple bedroom as a small child, currently I am love with a purple Le Crueset dutch oven, etc…).  I had seen this lovely purple patch quilt and started stewing on the idea of a purple quilt.  I’ve collected a few purple prints, but for my birthday I received this BOX ‘O’ PURPLE from a dear friend.

Box O Purple

Next step is to settle on a design.  I don’t think I’m headed to patchwork squares as shown on the link and I think I’ll step away from HSTs (half square triangles) so I’ve got my thinking cap on.

In the meantime I’ve added 8 more wonky stars to the school auction quilt project – we’ve added one more family to the school – so I need 72 stars (I have 11!), this is a nice even number.  I have something in mind of 8 stars across and 9 down.



One response

9 12 2010
suddenly sahm

the cassis le creuset just kills me. Salivating over that box of fabric.

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