::I did it!::

1 12 2010

….made a pillow with an invisible zipper.  Seriously, not just a zipper but one you can barely see.  Wanna know what I did wrong?  I sewed the zipper closed on my first try – smart, eh….but I figured it out pretty quick.

Invisible zipper


This is for under the little dudes’s loft bed – for the  ‘fort’ they build under  there.  I’m not sure exactly what goes on down there but usually there are quiet voices and laughing so I don’t go spying on them too much.

I have several more to make…but now that I’ve cleared the first hurdle I’m on my way.  YEAH!

The details:  A wonky star center, surrounded by a log cabin, the backed in a faux bois.

A sunny day in Seattle




3 responses

1 12 2010

Doesn’t it feel so good to try something scary and it turns out not so bad?? Love the pillow! I need to make some for over here, to spruce this place up! 🙂

9 12 2010
suddenly sahm

super super cool

22 12 2010
Sew Katie Did

I loved it>

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