::Happy Thanksgiving::

24 11 2010

What am I thankful for?  These 2 little munchkins, my wonderful husband, my family, my fantastic friends a roof over our head and most days a wonderful sense of humor.


Have a wonderful THANKSGIVING.  What are you thankful for?


::Snowing in Seattle::

22 11 2010

Wow! There is a lot of snow on the ground and a lot of wind blowing it around.  I’m betting there is no school tomorrow – we’ll just have to make do and go sledding.

Snowy Bella

The Bride and her Superman

14 11 2010

I’m a little past Halloween – maybe I am slow in downloading photos.  Anyway, this is one of my faves.  The weather cooperated nicely, no rain and not too cold.  Anyway, enjoy!

I can't wait until I get to pull this out one of their weddings!

Holy Purple-ness

4 11 2010

Some of you know my affinity for purple (live in purple house, purple bedroom as a small child, currently I am love with a purple Le Crueset dutch oven, etc…).  I had seen this lovely purple patch quilt and started stewing on the idea of a purple quilt.  I’ve collected a few purple prints, but for my birthday I received this BOX ‘O’ PURPLE from a dear friend.

Box O Purple

Next step is to settle on a design.  I don’t think I’m headed to patchwork squares as shown on the link and I think I’ll step away from HSTs (half square triangles) so I’ve got my thinking cap on.

In the meantime I’ve added 8 more wonky stars to the school auction quilt project – we’ve added one more family to the school – so I need 72 stars (I have 11!), this is a nice even number.  I have something in mind of 8 stars across and 9 down.

::Wordless Wednesday – almost::

20 10 2010
Wonky Star - 2 1/2" blocks, finished size 6" - need to make 70 more!

Wonky Star - 2 1/2" blocks, finished size 6" - need to make 70 more!


::Fall is coming::

9 10 2010

Well I suppose it is already here, isn’t it?  Since our summer was small I’m hoping for a large fall.  What does that mean?  Lots of blustery weather, rain & sun – bring it on.  One thing I’ve always loved about Seattle is the constant change of the weather.   I have been missing my favorite soup so that is in store for this weekend as well.

Long, Long shadows at Soccer Practice

Stay tuned for some craftiness updates, I’ve been busy .  Have a great weekend.


::Peace be with you::

20 09 2010

…seen on a handmade tile outside my daughter’s school.